This year, we will again honor the work of Seattle-based Agros International.  

Agros restores hope and opportunity to the world's poor by helping landless Central American farmers develop thriving communities. Agros partners with families for 5-7 years in a uniquely holistic and participatory program that lifts an entire village. Families receive daily support and training from trusted Agros staff in the areas of health and well-being, financial empowerment, education, and development of market-led agricultural businesses. Eventually, as families pay off their land loans with Agros and reach development milestones, Agros communities transition to sustainable self-governance.

“I’m very happy. As a poor family, we feel like we are really living for the first time.”

– Yamile

Yamile, a mother in the community, put her experience into words after moving into Agros’ newest village, La Bendición in Nicaragua, in April 2015. Yamile began work planting and harvesting corn and coffee at age 6. She hopes to offer her son Walter Jr., 7, the chance to go to school, choose his career, and control his pathway through life.

Agro has put more than 10,000 people in villages across Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua on the path out of poverty.  You can learn more about Agros and the families they serve at

Le Panier is pleased to contribute to Agros’ mission of hope and opportunity.